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Julie Ford Locker

Julie Ford

Help us reach our campaign goal by sharing the video and site! 

The Oakdale Girls Basketball program is holding a Fundraising Challenge to help promote financial support for the girls’ program. The players put in significant time each week preparing for the upcoming season by bettering their basketball skills and physical conditioning and are very deserving of your support. The OHS Girls Basketball program appreciates any amount you can donate and thanks you in advance for your generous support!

This season the OHS Girls Basketball players are taking part in an intensive basketball training program including a fully developed and strength and conditioning program,  individual skill work, and development of offensive and defensive team strategies. Some of the needs your donation will contribute towards include tournament fees, summer league fees, and basketball equipment.

With your generous support, we can continue to further the development of the Oakdale Girls Basketball program!

We are excited to see our hard work pay off this upcoming season!

How to Donate!

Please check out our campaign by visiting the OHS campaign page and share the page! Thank you in advance for your generous support of the Oakdale Girls Basketball Program!

Your tax deductible donation may be given through either of the following methods: 

·    To sponsor online at the OHS Website, click our secure donation link

·    To sponsor by phone please call (209) 848-7107 for Joey Valencia in the OHS Business  Office

Please enter the name of the player you are specifically supporting when donating, if none in particular, write N/A.

Thank you for your support!

Julie Ford Locker